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  Valkana Stoyanova (1922-2009) Singer
About Valkana Stoyanova

Valкana Stoyanova (1922-2009)

Bulgarian folk singer Valкana Stoyanova was born on July 13, 1922 in Liulin village, region Straldja - Bulgaria.

It was the eleventh child in a crowded family, of which 4 and 6 brought welded. Valcana itself is the only natural child, between brothers and sisters from different mothers and fathers. Parents Dena Mincheva and Stoyan Prodanov managed to create a united and good family, to surround with love all children. Great is the joy of seeing all the gift of child wolf pee. She later allegedly inherited vocal skills from both parents and one of my father's brother who was a priest and had a marvelous voice.
Large repertoire of songs of the wolf are inherited mostly from her mother and learning, they become a working-bees and duties. Valcana itself says that there is a preference for slow, table songs, which tell different stories of people's lives. Her singing career began as a child. It manifests of 10-11, the 14 has it as a mature singer, singing at fairs and festivals, and her repertoire includes over 300 songs.

In the Bulgarian State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances Philip Kutev is from 1951 and became the benchmark for all other soloists, made numerous recordings of Bulgarian Radio and TV, conquers the audience not only at home but also abroad, has repeatedly izvyavala the scenes on all continents.

A son, two grandchildren, granddaughter and grandson. It has always been regarded as a happy person, touched by sadbata.Optimizmat and positive view towards life makes it interesting for young and old.

In 1995 the idea of local art lovers her Straldja hosted the competition-nadpryavane "With songs of the wolf Stoyanova. The event has become a place for talented young musicians and to restore interest in numerous Valkanini songs. Since then competition has had several editions, and through him to the big stage took the young talents like Darina Slavcheva Nina Arnaudova, Neli Petkova, Desi Slava, Women Kazakova, Dejan Mitev, Ivan Valkova drugi.Mezhdu and its students is Binka Dobreva.

The first song is sung Valcana Stoyan Rada said, in January 1936 recorded in "Harp," after her 50 LPs come with Valkanini pesni.Ot her interviews it becomes clear that the same applies to love all your songs but still among her favorite is "Stoyan Rada said," Woman is dyulber Yana and Straldjanska "Altanla Stoyan leader, knew how to make them musical plays, provoked strong emotional impact and breathtaking every human heart. The greatest legacy that the wolf has Bulgaria Stoyanova today, except the records of her songs, it turns out the book "From what I can remember not singing, which includes 150 songs by Michael Notated Bukureshtliev. The collection is the work of writer Elena Ognianova Straldja visit and within-singing contest.

Great folk singer Valcana Stoyanova never save your best words for native and especially Straldzha city that do a lot for her organizing the contest, singing competition. Just months before he left this world she shared her joy that the people of Straldja pay their respects to her and her typical optimism again - "You have guts man must believe in good things!"
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